How Southern Pedaler Got Its Start

How Southern Pedaler Got Its Start

January 18, 2021 Blog 0

The Bluetooth speaker and LED lights onboard the Southern Pedaler really set the mood, making it a delightful party whether you are sipping inside the bar or pedaling. If the bar crawl does not tickle your fancy, you will be delighted to know that there are a few other interesting alternatives. For example, if you are a history buff you can choose to participate in the Atlantic Historical Tour. Other fun alternatives to the bar crawl include the Boozie Pedaler Brunch and Friday Happy Hour which complement the Southern Pedaler’s party theme.

Depending on the day when you make your booking, it can cost you anywhere between $25 per person when you make a reservation for fifteen people to $28 per person during the weekends. The weekends are usually accompanied by a higher price tag due to an increase in demand as more people book the Southern Pedaler. Whether it rains or shines, the party never stops and runs multiple times every day. With the Southern Pedaler, every day is a good day to pedal in Atlanta.

The forward-thinking Southern Pedaler was the brainchild of two graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology. So whenever you take a tour with the Southern Pedaler know that you are supporting local talent. The two graduates, Daniel Deedy and Rani Shetti conceived the idea of launching the Southern Pedaler following the amazing success of Asheville’s Pubcycle and other bike tours in recent years that allow visitors to pedal throughout cities, particularly large, tourist-friendly cities. The Pubcycle allowed Daniel Deedy and Rani Shetti to quickly explore Asheville, and learn about local hotspots, squeeze a workout along the way, and grab some drinks on a Friday night. There is no better way to experience a new city. The idea behind the Southern Pedaler was to offer guests an interactive and unique way to experience the city through a bike tour with stops at bars, restaurants, and other attractions around Atlanta.

When Daniel Deedy and Rani Shetti decided to launch the Southern Pedaler, they wanted to create something unique and exciting for guests. So, they launched two versions of the bike — the big version which accommodates up to fifteen people (with five non-pedaling seats and ten pedaling seats), and the smaller version which accommodates 6 people. A minimum number of 8 people are needed to launch the larger version of the bike which costs four hundred dollars. For the smaller version of the bike, a minimum number of 4 people are needed to launch the bike which costs $180.

The tours usually run for 2 hours with stops in Downtown and Midtown attractions, bars, and restaurants where patrons can drink, or bring some beverages with them aboard the Southern Pedaler. So, if you have always been curious about bike pub crawls but never had the opportunity to try it, this is your chance. The idea of biking around Atlanta visiting and learning about cool bars is something that is always exciting. The Southern Pedaler offers a good compromise to drink while biking since all you need to do is pedal, and not much balancing is required. The tour involves pedaling in a kind of open-air wagon featuring a table in front of every passenger which they will be pedaling to move. This allows you to enjoy a delightful biking experience even if your balance or biking skills are not that good.