Southern Pedaler is essentially a rolling billboard – guaranteed to attract attention from pedestrians, passing cars, and restaurant/bar patrons! Our routes travel along the Peachtree corridor through Midtown during peak hours. Ultimately, this means increased branding awareness and direct revenue opportunities. 

We hope that you will be interested in continuing the conversation with us to form a great relationship and create amazing experiences for all of our customers. You can reach our team at anytime at  We look forward to continuing the conversation and hope that you will come pedal the ATL with us!


Unique Branding

Eye-catching rolling billboard rocking its way down the streets of Atlanta 

High Visibility

Increased exposure through passengers onboard, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, social media, and presence at major Atlanta events 

Social / Website

Dedicated social media posts each month + your name and logo featured prominently on 


Interior Panel

11x17” Placement on each side of vehicle, visible to all passengers for duration of 2 hour tour



Rear Exterior Sign

40x26” sign fixed to rear of vehicle, visible to passengers, cars, and pedestrians throughout Midtown & Downtown



Vehicle Body Wrap

Brand full body of vehicle with your logo and signage.  Highest visibility option tograb attention of thousands of people on the streets


Ask for more details

* Plus production costs

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