Southern Pedaler Alcohol Policy

We are happy to allow BYOB onboard your Southern Pedaler experience! However, we do have a few rules that everybody must follow.  


Here are the basics:

  1. BYOB – We do not sell or serve

  2. Beer, wine, malt beverages only – NO HARD LIQUOR

  3. Must drink from solo cups or reusable tumblers

  4. Everyone on board must be 21+ if you want to bring alcohol - WE CHECK IDS

  5. You can bring a cooler, but we will check inside

  6. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our tours who we feel is over intoxicated and not complying with our rules


What is allowed?

  • BYOB: Southern Pedaler does not serve or sell alcohol.  You may bring your own beer or wine.  Malt beverages, hard sodas, and ciders are also permitted.  NO HARD LIQUOR is permitted onboard!

  • Each person is limited to 36 oz. of beer, hard sodas or ciders or 18 oz. of wine onboard.  Don’t worry, that will be plenty for you to safely enjoy onboard while we pedal between partner bars.

  • Alcoholic beverages must be consumed from a plastic cup or container. Aluminum cans, cardboard, and plastic containers may be brought onboard, however we ask that you pour drinks in a solo cup or reusable tumbler to consume.NO GLASS containers are permitted onboard.


  • All alcohol must be brought onboard in sealed unopened containers.  If you wish to pour a bottle of wine into a plastic container, you may do so within sight of your Pedal Guide prior to boarding the bike.


What is not allowed?

  • NO HARD LIQUOR is permitted onboard

  • NO GLASS containers are permitted onboard

  • NO TAKING YOUR DRINK OFF OF THE PEDALER.  Alcoholic beverages must remain on the pedaler at all times.  If you step off the pedaler with a drink in your hand, you will be in violation of Atlanta open container laws.

  • NO TAKING YOUR DRINK (OPEN OR CLOSED) INTO A PARTNER BAR.  You will be refused entry if you attempt to carry an outside drink into the bar.

  • NO TAKING YOUR DRINK OUT OF A PARTNER BAR and onto the sidewalk, street, or pedaler – this is illegal and will get you and the bar in trouble.

  • NO LITTERING!  If you throw anything off of the pedaler, you will be asked to leave the tour immediately.  We have trash and recycling bags onboard for you to dispose of empties and other trash.

  • BEING BELIGERENT!  All normal safety and behavior policies still apply whether you are drinking onboard or not. If you are being disruptive or otherwise disrespectful to fellow guests, your Pedal Guide, and people on the street, you will be asked to leave the tour immediately.

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