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Put the FUN Back in Fundraising!

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

As a locally owned and operated business, it is very important for us to be a part of our community. When we welcome guests to experience Atlanta with us, we want them to experience our community and our home. An important part of being a member of our community is helping our neighbors support their personal causes and charitable organizations. And, the best way for us to do that is to turn the Southern Pedaler experience into a fundraising opportunity!

Caroline really amped up her fundraising campaign with a Southern Pedaler outing!

That is why we are officially initiating our Give Back Thursday program! We are dedicating one Thursday a month to give back to the community by turning the Pedaler over to local non-profits and charitable organizations to raise awareness and funds to support their missions.

How Does it Work?

Simple…your organization will reserve one or two Pedalers for a 2 hour period at no cost then distribute or sell tickets at your discretion to fill all of the seats. And the proceeds are all yours! Start the process by completing our application form. We will evaluate to make sure your organization is a good fit and - if it's a good match - follow up to start planning the event.

How Does My Organization Benefit?

We want to help your organization accomplish two primary goals: Build Awareness and Raise Money. What better way to do that than hosting your community members for a one of a kind experience in Atlanta? Take away all the effort and costs required to throw a big gala or silent auction. No cold calls asking for pure donations. Just plan the date, promote over your social media and marketing channels and join in on the fun! Oh…and we’ll help with the promotion as well!

What’s in it for Southern Pedaler?

Most importantly, we get to play a role in our community and support your mission. Of course, event promotion does help build awareness of our brand as well. And, we get the opportunity to showcase the Southern Pedaler experience to everybody who joins to support the cause! Just remember, there is no cost to your organization to reserve and participate!

Sounds interesting…but does it actually work?

Funny you should ask…of course it does! Let’s take a look back at just one example:

Caroline reached out to us last year to plan an event for the exact purpose of raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as she trained for the Walt Disney Marathon. After reserving the bike, she was able to fill up all 15 seats on the Pedaler in exchange for donations to her campaign. In the end, she raised over $650 dollars from that afternoon alone – plus additional donations from people who still wanted to contribute even though all the seats had already filled up! Now with two Pedalers to fill (30 seats), the opportunity is even greater!

Increase the impact to your organization by filling up two bikes (up to 30 people)!

We are happy to discuss how to effectively price your tickets to maximize money raised, including developing all inclusive packages.

So, what are you waiting for? Who wants to come put the FUN back in fundraising with us!

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