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Need a Fresh Team Outing Idea in Atlanta?

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

"I wanted my whole team to have a blast for our Holiday Party...we even invited our FedEx guy!

Have you ever heard the term NIHITO? It stands for Nothing Important Happens In The Office, and we are firm believers of this term! Countless studies have shown (or at least some meaningful number) that teams who take time to bond outside the office perform higher than those who don’t.

Do you want to boost employee morale, drive creativity, energize your teams, and ultimately produce better results? Of course you do! Now, the big question is “How?”. Don’t worry, we have an idea for you: take your team for a ride with Southern Pedaler! Still skeptical? Let us tell you why taking a tour with us is a great team building activity:

1. You are literally working together to power the vehicle! The pedaler truly is pedal-powered (with a little assist from the motor), which means each team member has a role in contributing to the ride. Don’t worry, a few of the seats don’t have pedals so you can rotate if someone gets tired and accommodate anyone who is physically unable to pedal.

"Our team has been killing it at the Americas Mart this week, so I wanted to take them out to let loose and have some fun...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

2. It is a great stress release! Ever get that feeling at work that you just want to step outside and scream? Or can you not bear one more minute stuck in that conference room? This is your chance to get outside, expend some energy, and just have some plain old fun with your team. Once you have let out some of that pent up energy, you will be refreshed and reinvigorated to get back to accomplishing big things together!

3. Everybody is an equal! Get rid of the titles and hierarchy that exists in the office. Sit side-by-side and face-to-face with your colleagues and have open and honest conversations, whether it’s about last week’s big client presentation or your kid’s tee-ball game next weekend!

4. It’s not just another happy hour! Be honest, we’re all tired of the standard meetup at the lobby bar after work. The work happy hour has become just another obstacle between your desk and home. Be different! Give your team a reason to mix things up a bit. Trust us, everyone else in your office will be jealous when they learn about it!

“We’re always looking for ways to entertain clients and business partners that aren’t so robotic and forced. This is an absolutely perfect way to change things up and really make them feel special!”

5. Your clients will never forget the experience! Anyone with a corporate card can take a client out for a nice dinner. They’re bored of it, and their waistlines are probably a little tired of it too! Can you think of a better way to wow your clients when they come in town? You get to work and socialize together while they experience the best that Atlanta has to offer, all thanks to you! Still want that steak dinner? Don’t worry, we can drop you off at the steakhouse down the street!

Okay, now that you’re hooked, you probably want to know what your outing will consist of, and the short answer is “Pretty much whatever you want.” But…our typical experiences look something like this:

- A 2-hour ride around Midtown and/or Downtown Atlanta

- Stops at 3 of our partner bars/restaurants with prearranged food and drink specials

- Pedal Guides, who will drive, conduct the tour, and keep your crew happy and engaged

- A cooler onboard to store snacks and drinks (water and ice is provided)

- A Bluetooth sound system so the boss and the new hire can argue over whose music is better

- A truly first-rate experience that you, your team, and your clients will never forget!

Still have more questions or want us to tailor an experience just for your team or clients? No problem! Just give us a call at 855-733-2577 or shoot us an email at info@southernpedaler.com, and we will be more than happy to create an amazing experience for you!

“We had a blast!! The team is still talking about how much fun they had…Thanks so much for such wonderful memories!”

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