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Holy Cow!

Have you ever seen a cow riding a bike? How about five? We have! Okay, fine, so technically they weren’t actually riding the bike, but we were in for quite a surprise when the Chick-fil-A cows stopped by to see us at the JLA Shamrock N’ Roll Road Race on Saturday. While they may have been the most comical visitors to come check out the “little bike,” the cows weren’t the only species to come see us at the event. We had a great time meeting all kinds of people of all ages at the race.

While most people have seen the popular large party bikes by now in various cities, we are one of only a handful of party bike operators with the “little bike”! By the way, I think we need a new name for the “little bike”. Yes, it is smaller than the big 15-seater, but how about something with a better ring to it. Any ideas?

St. Patrick’s Day weekend wasn’t all about cows and road races. It was also moving weekend! We have officially moved into to our new Pedal Pad at 130 10th Street, right at the corner of 10th and Juniper. For anybody who is worried about navigating the hills in Atlanta – have no fear! We created quite the scene in Midtown Friday night using just the electric assist motor to drive the big bike around to our new home. But…friendly reminder, this is still a pedal powered party!

Anyways, thank you again to all of you who came to see us on Saturday. We had a great time meeting everyone at the Shamrock N’ Roll Road Race. If you saw us out on the street, we hope you got some good pictures as we passed by! Hopefully we will get to welcome you onboard Southern Pedaler soon. Pedal on!

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