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Old friends become our new friends

Hello friends! Remember last week when we wrote about how excited we were for the big weekend coming up? Well, it certainly didn’t disappoint! We had the pleasure of hosting five rides over the weekend for five awesome groups, including three birthday celebrations, an annual friends reunion, and a recording crew from GPB Radio. What does all this mean? Well, for starters, we had a blast meeting lots of new people and learning their stories about how they became friends and why they wanted to pedal the ATL with us. And, secondly, we were exhausted in the best way possible by the end of the weekend!

Let’s start with Friday night when Angel, her husband, and six of their best friends joined us to celebrate Angel’s birthday on the large pedaler. They were having a party rocking out to 80s music on board in between stops at The Nook, Ri Ra, and Cypress Pint & Plate. We even took a break for some birthday cake – sparkler candles and all – along the way!

After a rocking Friday night, we geared up for four rides on Saturday pedaling all day from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM. We started the day by hosting Emily and her friends to record an audio feature for GPB Radio on the small pedaler. Naturally, they opted to add the karaoke option, because what could possibly make for a more fun sound clip than doing karaoke on a bike? Pedestrians out for a morning walk or jog were treated to quite a show, as it’s not everyday you get passed by a group of six people belting out American Pie on a bike!

We followed that up with two more small pedaler rides on the day when Patty and Suzanne and their friends joined to celebrate not one…not two…but three birthdays! They had the spin class of a lifetime pedaling and dancing their way around Midtown. By the way, conducting three small pedaler rides in one day is quite the workout, because we pedal too!

Sandwiched in between all the birthday parties, we welcomed Chris and his friends aboard the large pedaler. They were in town for their annual high school and college friends reunion, all decked out in Hawaiian shirts! It was so cool to experience some of what their life long friendships are all about

and that they chose to celebrate that with us!

Did we mention that we also welcomed two new partners to the team as well this past weekend? The Nook on Piedmont Park and Harry’s Caravaca Market have been very generous in joining us as partners and welcoming our guests to their establishments. The Nook even made space for us to park the large pedaler amidst all of the Dogwood Festival craziness at Piedmont Park over the weekend (trust us, it’s not exactly like parking a Smart Car).

Well, that’s it for this time. We want to say thank you again to everyone who came out with us last weekend and can’t wait to welcome more new friends this week!

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