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Our Southern Pedaler Story

Welcome to Southern Pedaler! We are so excited to be officially launching this month! As we begin, we wanted to share our story.

The idea for Southern Pedaler has been a long time coming. About 3 years ago, Daniel showed me a video of a cycle pub in Amsterdam. I thought it was the greatest idea ever! And since we mostly just eat and drink in Atlanta, we needed it here pronto. But of course someone already brought it here, we had just gotten married and bought a house, and honestly we feared failing at something when we already had great jobs.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend 2017. Daniel and I were taking our first weekend away since we had our first baby and to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. It was a much needed weekend to relax and reconnect. And Daniel is a spectacular travel planner; because of him I’ve had some of the most amazing meals and discovered some of the coolest local hotspots around the world. However, his plan for Asheville had an epic flaw…it did not include Asheville’s Amazing Pubcycle!

(Daniel and I on the Amazing Pubcycle)

When the Amazing Pubcycle rolled by on our first night, I just had to get on it! And luckily we were able to just a couple hours later. And boy did we have a fantastic time. We met a local couple and their visiting friend, we were introduced to some unique bars…totally recommend the Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar…and got to see Asheville from the eyes of a local - not just as tourists.

(Champagne flight at the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar)

That was the night we both decided that no time was ever going to be right to start our own business. And no longer were we going to fear failure. We had been watching Shark Tank for years; we know everything there is to know about starting a business…it was time to make our dreams come true! So since September, we have been doing some serious research on how to make this happen. We have spent countless hours, days, weekends, and months planning to bring Southern Pedaler to Atlanta. It was full steam ahead!

(Daniel and I checking out the bike we ended up buying)

But watching every episode of Shark Tank was never really going to prepare us for starting our own business. We have faced some real challenges in this journey. But never have I ever felt so passionate and driven or been challenged the way I have through this process. I’m learning so much more than I expected to learn – graphic design, marketing, bike maintenance and repair – and gaining skills for all aspects of my life – patience, problem solving, and asking for help. And I have loved working with Daniel; he really has been the best coworker I’ve ever had!

With only a couple weeks to our launch, we are so excited to bring Atlanta a fun, active and environmentally friendly way to explore the city. We want locals and tourists to see Atlanta the way we see our hometown. We’ll travel down the famous Peachtree Street, stop at some amazing hotspots in Midtown, tour the rich Downtown attractions, and show everyone how great this place really is…all while pedaling the ATL!

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you keep up with our journey here every Tuesday!

(The Big Pedaler)

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