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Greetings friends, it’s Tuesday, and you know what that means…it’s blog day. We had another great weekend, and enjoyed a beautiful day pedaling on Saturday before all the rain came in on Sunday. There is lots to talk about again this week, starting with our new friends who have pedaled the ATL with us since last time. We also have big announcements about our new Mixer Tours as well as our ongoing social media challenge. Now, lets get down to business…

We had two awesome groups join us on Saturday, which was especially exciting because it was the first day for our brand new Pedal Guide, Mary Ann! Mary Ann got the full Southern Pedaler experience leading tours on both our large and small pedalers on her first day. First, we welcomed bride-to-be Julia and her friends for a Midtown cruise. We learned ahead of time that Julia has always wanted to go on a pedal tour and was really excited about it – no pressue! The party had an awesome time hitting three of our partner bars and rocking out to their bachelorette party playlist. They also discovered that shouting out “Pedal the ATL!!!” is a perfectly suitable alternative to just shouting “Woooo!!!” the whole ride.

Right after that, we were joined by Cynthia and her family - who came all the way from San Francisco for the Bon Jovi concert. Lucky for us, they decided they wanted to pedal the ATL during their down time before the concert. They must get lots of practice biking the hills in San Francisco, because they pedaled from stop to stop in record time…which, of course, meant more bar time for them!

Now for the big news…we have officially launched a new Mixer Tour option! That means you can now reserve individual seats on our Friday 9PM and Saturday 6PM tours. We know that not everyone can pull together a big group to come pedal with us, so we wanted to create an easier option for smaller groups to join us. Plus, it’s a great way to mix and mingle and make new friends while you pedal the ATL! We actually had our first party bike experience on a Mixer Tour in Asheville, and had such a great time we decided to do it ourselves!

Finally, our second Southern Pedaler Social Media challenge is underway and will be wrapping up on Friday this week. The prize this time is a free ride on our small pedaler. If you haven’t done so yet, register through this link and start referring your friends to our social media pages. The more you connect with us and the more friends you bring along, the better your chances of winning!

We’ve got another big weekend coming up, as we are riding in the Inman Park Festival Parade on Saturday April 28th. If you go to the parade (which you should), keep an eye out for us. We’ll be the giant blue bike full of people having the time of their lives!

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