Tips for Booking a Slot on the Southern Pedaler

Tips for Booking a Slot on the Southern Pedaler

January 22, 2021 Blog 0

It’s a good idea to have something to eat ahead of your tour with the Southern Pedaler since you will need a lot of energy to pedal, and because you will be drinking a lot of alcohol. It’s worth noting that the price of the bike tour does not include drinks and you will have to pay for these separately by the glass. However, the good thing is that the Southern Pedaler has partnered with various pubs/bars that offer discounted prices (ranging between $3 and $5) during their happy hours. The stops usually last for twenty-five to thirty minutes where you get the opportunity to grab a few drinks, socialize, and get to know other members of the tour.

The tour features a nice level of fun alcohol and a great way to start your evening. Depending on your company, you can drink until the evening. And if you are up for it get drunk at the spot. But this is not a very good idea since you still need to pedal. And, biking under the influence I guess is not a good thing (even if you’ve got hybrid long term health insurance as a backup).

The Southern Pedaler biking tour is ideal for friends in large groups who would like to visit exciting bars and stroll around. It could also be a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday or a Bachelorette/Bachelor party. Because what is a better way to celebrate your special day than having fun and getting tipsy with all the people you like.

Booking a Ride With The Southern Pedaler

You can book a ride with the Southern Pedaler through their website. The company offers various types of bike tours. One of the most popular tours is The Private Party Tour which costs $400 for 15 riders. The Happy Hour Tour costs $22.5 per person and runs from 7 pm, featuring one to two stops and a 75-minute bike ride. The Mix It Up Tour costs $35 per person and is similar to the Private Party Tour. However, it accommodates a smaller number of people. The Boozy Brunch Tour costs $69 per person and features three stops, two hours of biking, three cocktails, and three small plates of food.

The Southern Pedaler offers an environmentally friendly, fun, and active way to explore and experience Atlanta. It allows tourists and locals to view the city at its best. You tour down the popular Peachtree Street, make some stops at fantastic Midtown hotspots, travel to amazing attractions Downtown, and see how great the city is, all while pedaling. The Southern pedaler bike tour offers a creative spin on biking that makes you want to break a sweat. It is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy your weekend, all while exercising your body. If you have been looking for a fun-filled activity to do in Atlanta with your friends, this is it! You will have an amazing time as you pedal down the city’s streets and stop to grab some drinks. If you do not have anyone to accompany you, you can join one of the tours with a few people and get to make new friends. All in all, you can be sure that you will have one of the most unforgettable biking experiences of your life with the Southern Pedaler!